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    Philip McNamara

    Phil has been working with gongs for over 45 years, initially as a percussionist and for the past 10 years as a sound therapist. He is the author of the book Gongs and Tam-tams - A guide..' the only book giving a detailed description of many of the different gongs in the world plus the associated stands, mallets and bags.

    Phil's main focus is using the gong primarily as a musical instrument and adopting a correct playing technique called basic stroke. From this the healing tones will come more naturally due to a relaxed playing style. Phil is also interested in the scientific basis for sound therapy though acknowledges that there is also an esoteric quality that science cannot always define.

    Phil is developing his own range of workshops based on these beliefs under the 'Scientia Sounds' banner.

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For more information, visit Philip's website or contact Philip by email or phone on 07702 573797.

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