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BLU COTTAM · Lincolnshire


DATE : June 6th 2021...and monthly thereafter

TIME : 2pm-4.30pm

COST : £15

VENUE : "Elysium" Pelham Lane, Canwick, near Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN4 2RR

DETAILS : Unlock the power of your voice for clearing unhelpful energy, for balancing, restoring and supporting your immune system AND to uplift your spirit and mind!

Vocal practices may include using mantra in meditation, or toning, and singing Sacred Chants and Native Songs from different traditions...

And a Sound Bath...Experience deep relaxation within this meditative journey on the soundwaves of crystal bowls, wind chimes, gong, tibetan bowls...and more.

TO BOOK : Please call Blu (see below) or e.mail:


DATE : Saturday 31st July 2021 - Sunday 1st August 2021

TIME : 10am/4pm

COST : £200

VENUE : "Elysium" Pelham Lane, Canwick, near Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN4 2RR

DETAILS : Understanding the healing power of your voice, how to remove stress frequencies and create pure tone, deepening and improving breathing with voice exercises to free your voice.

Experience a sound healing treatment, learn about harmonics and their ability to bring about healing. Learn sacred chants and how to balance the chakras with sound.

A wonderful weekend learning skills that will enable you to enhance your ongoing health, vitality and quality of life.

This weekend also comprises Part One of a full year's professional training to become a practicing Sound Healer or to be able to integrate Sound Healing into your established healing practice.

For more details or to book on any of the above dates please visit Blu's website or contact Blu on 07792 264753
View Blu's Video Introduction

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