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Sound Healing with the Homeless in Glasgow - Sarah Perricone

I was engaged to work with Scottish Opera on a singing project with homeless and formerly homeless people in the East End of Glasgow that was in partnership with the Lodging House Mission. I worked on an opera that had been written for and by them and gave two performances of this in Glasgow.

Having worked closely with them I got to know some of these people's stories. I had no doubt in my mind that they could benefit from sound healing and approached the project manager to ask if I could offer a group sound session and explained what would happen.

At the first sound session I did ten people turned up and lay on the floor and experienced the session. I used my gong, singing bowls, tingshas, violin, chimes, rattle and did quite a lot with my voice. I started off with a gentle relaxation to get them settled and explained a bit about it. Some people took longer to settle than others and were messing about and laughing but within 5-10 minutes there was peace, very little movement and a sense of deep relaxation.

The feedback I got was :

  • "most relaxed in years"
  • "loved the tuning forks and the gong"
  • "takes you away from all your worries"
  • "feels like a spiritual experience"
  • "I wanted to stay there all day"
  • "it really helps you feel better"
  • "gets you away from the noise of life"
  • "lets you switch off from your problems"

One man said he felt that he was on the top of a mountain listening to the most wonderful concert. They were so appreciative of it and said they were so privileged to have it. Word got around the homeless centre and I was invited back and the manager asked to take part on the next session, which she did, and the feed back was equally good.

The homeless people have asked if they can have the sound healing every week. The manager told me that very few things that are on offer for the homeless have a 100% positive feedback. She is looking into the possibility of running it on a regular basis.

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