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Michelle Jane Thompson


Chakra Evolutions - Pt1

DATE: 25th May 2024

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Course Overview

1 day experiential workshop exploring the history, evolution and variations of the chakra systems.  We’ll do this through mantra, vibration, meditations and visualisations whilst walking through history and having some reflective discussions alone the way.  We will explore the history of the chakra system and it’s journey;

  • From ancient India with Sanskrit and traditional Bija (different to today)
  • Through the middle ages and it’s deeper alignment with yoga practices
  • Victorian England, the Theosophy movement and first English translations
  • The birth of western spirituality and the drawing in of other elements

All multifaceted, and all different, all valid and wonderful. Together we’ll explore some of the many facets, the different colour systems from history e.g. in the Śiva-saṃhitā the heart cakra is red and in the Sat-cakra-nirūpana the naval is black-blue, as well as the different number systems, how different elements have been brought in over the centuries and explore what, if anything that changes for us. 

In this course student will experience

  • Learn and chant mantras from the ancient texts
  • Learning the Bija according to ancient traditions (different from modern tradition)
  • Bramhari through the chakras
  • Visualisation on the different colour systems
  • Meditation on the yogic nadi systems

In this course student will learn

  • The evolution of the chakra system
  • The chronological journey of the chakra system
  • Key movements and moments in that history
  • How the modern charka colour system came about
  • And an overview of the other ancient cakra systems
  • Learning how they are connected to the elements through the Sanskrit vowels and semi vowels

Who’s it for?

Great for yoga teachers and sound practitioners looking to expand their knowledge, their practice and their offerings, but open to anyone with an interest in mantra, sound, yoga practices.

Suitable for both complete beginners to mantra and those with an existing practice from any tradition.  No experience is required to join this workshop (especially no Sanskrit, if you can breath, you practice mantra!)

Cost and Duration: £80 9.30am - 4.30pm

Qualification Gained: Counts as one of the additional workshops required for the CoSH Practitioner Training/Certificate of Attendance Yoga Alliance CPD Hours 8

Technical Requirements: A computer capable of running Zoom software, a microphone, webcam and good quality headphones or speakers, and a reasonably fast internet connection

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