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SUE PREADY · Oxfordshire

Soulshine Wellbeing Space, Angel House, 101a Radley Road, Abingdon-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, OX14 3PR.

Part One : An Introduction to Sound Healing — 25th / 26th September 2021

Part Two : The Theory and Practice of Sound Healing — 27th / 28th November 2021

Part Three : Music as Medicine — 12th / 13th March 2022

Part Four : Sound Healing through the Chakras — 21st / 22nd May 2022

Part Five : Graduation Weekend — 15th / 16th October 2022


All five modules of this core practitioner training will be held for the first time at the beautiful Soulshine Wellbeing Space which is located within easy walking distance of the bustling medieval market town of Abingdon-on-Thames with its many ancient buildings, Abbey Meadows and stunning views of the Thames.

This venue (0.6 miles from the town centre) is well served by bus routes and the nearest train station is RADLEY (1.5 miles & one stop south of Oxford) and then DIDCOT PARKWAY (4.5 miles & a 40 min journey from London Paddington). If coming by car, you will need to park in Radley Road where there is plenty of free parking space close to the venue.

If you visit the Soulshine website at, you will see that the main facilities at the Centre are the therapy room, the yoga/dance studio and the surrounding beautifully laid out garden areas. We will be using all of these 3 spaces (weather permitting) throughout the training.


Please visit the Training Pages of this CoSH website for full course details, curriculum overview (including full costings) and general requirements (including written work, case studies, extended essay etc).


Currently, Sue Pready's website at “The Sound and Story Space” has just one contact/holding page available, pending the launch of a new website in the Spring of 2021. Please therefore contact Sue direct (if possible by email in the first instance) to answer any questions you may have +/or to book a free 15-minute discovery call to find out if this course feels right for you +/or to book your place on the course (see Payment Options below).


The fundamental focus of this whole Core Training is on using the voice for healing. Generally speaking, it is helpful if participants have already studied some form of healing before undertaking the course - such as massage therapy, reiki, music therapy, yoga, counselling etc. In addition to those people who come on the training in order to qualify as a Sound Healer/Sound Therapist - often to complement or extend their pre-existing work as e.g. healers, therapists, counsellors, teachers, singers or musicians - there are some people who apply to come on the course purely for personal development and to make the year-long journey in the company of like minds and hearts. (When this is the case there is no requirement to complete the 36 case studies or extended essay).

During the training you will learn a variety of methods for giving sound healing treatments using the voice to both yourself and others. (The only other instrument you will need is a set of C&G Tuning Forks at Part 2). Once you have successfully completed the Practitioner Training you can become a full Member of the College of Sound Healing (MCSH) and the International Therapeutic Sound Association (ITSA).


Saturday 10am - 5pm & Sunday 10am - 4pm.

Hot & cold drinks will be provided each weekend but you will need to bring a packed lunch and any snacks you may require.

COURSE INVESTMENT: £200 per weekend (Parts 1 to 5)

There are 3 options for paying for the training with Sue Pready:


Pay in full at the time of booking & receive £100 discount.

Total cost = £900

OPTION 2: (*See Note)

Book and pay in two instalments. Total course cost = £1000

- First payment of £500 due at the time of booking

- Second payment of £500 due 4 weeks before the Part 3 training

OPTION 3: (*See Note)

Book and pay-as-you-go in five instalments. Total course cost = £1000

- First payment of £200 due at the time of booking (for Part 1)

- Thereafter individual payments of £200 due no later than 4 weeks before each of Parts 2 to 5


* NOTE: For OPTIONS 2 and 3:

A £50 holding deposit will reserve a place on the course if you book more than 3 months in advance of the Part 1 weekend. Balance payable by end of June 2021.



Payments by BACS, Paypal or cheque - details on booking.

Cancellation/refund policy available on request

Number of places on the course limited to 6



“I felt extremely connected spiritually the whole weekend, wallowing in happiness, excitement and anticipation, such joy! All in all I think sound healing is pretty amazing and I’m truly happy I’ve discovered Sue, the course and the College” - Claire (Part 1)

I originally enrolled on the sound healing course because I wanted to integrate toning & chanting into my gong therapy practice. I already had some basic knowledge of sound healing having read articles and done research for myself. Still, during the two days on Part 1, there was such a huge amount of new information and tips delivered to us, that I felt a whole new world of knowledge had opened before my very eyes. I particularly loved the integration between scientific explanation and spiritual approach as I am fascinated by the first and passionate about the second. I also appreciated the no-nonsense yet sensitive, engaging and humorous way of teaching of Sue Pready who was always very clear but never patronising and very patient with all our questions. I feel the whole weekend was perfectly filled with information, special moments of relaxation, lots of laughter and plenty of opportunities to get to know eachother. Overall this weekend left me with a renewed sense of purpose, inspired and with a thirst to learn more about this wonderful and unexpectedly huge subject. - Monica (Part 1)

“During the Part 1 I had wondered how I would ever allow my voice to be totally free during a treatment. But actually I was amazed to find my intuition taking over as if leading my voice and its sounds into the next area when I myself practiced giving a sound treatment for the first time. It felt completely right and natural to be doing this and I felt honoured …” Helen (Part 2)

“In preparation for doing our first treatments in Part 2, we were introduced to several exercises and practices. One I found particularly effective was the Heart Sound Meditation, which I found very powerful and have since used for self-exploration and healing release. I feel grateful to Sue, my fellow students and to the College for this new beginning in my life” - Craig (Part 2)

Sound is truly an amazing thing and I am so very joyous at being able to explore sound in such a deep and interesting way. How wonderful it is to be part of this beautiful group working with sacred sound. - Vitalie (Part 3)

I found the Part 3 weekend very enlightening, uplifting and rewarding. I discovered that using my voice to sing the various notes and tones during the musical scale and Sa Ra Ga healing treatments was quite powerful and truly an inspiration, especially as I have never had any singing lessons and often thought my singing voice was not too good. Sound healing is such a powerful therapy that can be used for treating people with a variety of different health problems including those that are receiving medical treatment. The fact that you can just use your voice and the appropriate musical notes to give a sound healing treatment is truly astonishing. - Jean (Part 3)

The whole course has been a joy to participate in, challenging to complete and with life-changing outcomes. I looked forward to the weekends immensely, knowing I would be coming away re-energised with fresh eyes and ears – more prepared to embrace my life and the hitherto unrecognised energies within myself and the universe. Sue brought many different books and music each weekend and along with all the course handbook recommendations – I am looking forward to further reading and listening. The course is like a growing plant. I felt nurtured throughout and in return I want to try and reflect this back to anyone wanting a sound healing treatment. - Lindsay (Part 4)


and/or to book a place on the course please contact Sue Pready who will be happy to answer any questions you may have to do with any aspect of the training. All enquiries welcome.

For more details or to book visit Sue's website or contact Sue by email or phone on 07929 980977.

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