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Eva Bay Greenslade

EVA BAY GREENSLADE - Drum Making Workshop - With Local Deer Skin

DATE : Saturday 27th July 2024 - Sunday 28th July 2024

TIME : 3pm - 8pm Saturday. 10am - 5pm Sunday.

VENUE : Rowfant Trail, Rowfant Business Centre, Wallage Lane,, Rowfant, Turners Hill, Sussex - West, RH10 4NQ

COST : 300 for the full weekend


Do you want to create your own Shamanic drum in the most sacred and connected experience ?
We have the most incredible experience to offer you. Within this workshop you can craft your drum from the raw materials if you wish. This really deepens you connection with your drum like no other.

I work with Sarah Brackpool, who works closely with the process of the Deer skins, and makes drums.

I feel this experience deepens ancestral connection too while working with the deer skins. We use flint scrapers made by archaeologist Will Attard, @the pointy end uk
Using the flint tools, working with your hands, really augments the connection to your drums skin, to the spiritual and practical essence of being human, and ancestral connection.

To add to the depth, this workshop will held be on the lands, in the woodland, where the deer that gifted their skins have ran free.

Day one will start in the afternoon with honouring the deer in ceremony, slipping the fur and preparing the skin.
The evening will bring working on your hoop around a fire with song, and ceremony.

Sunday will be cutting the hide you have prepared, and weaving your drum together.
You can craft a single sided or double sided drum.

Hoops will be 14 and 16 inches.
Double sided drums are 14 inch because of weight.


Cost will be £300 for both days for single sided 14 inch drums.

£250 if you want to use pre prepared skin and come Sunday only. (pre prepared means hair and fat is slipped already).


Extra Costs will be for double sided drums, and bigger drum hoops:

Double sided an extra £50 will be added due to extra deer skin.14 inch drum hoop drum is 300.

16 inch add an extra £20.

We will look forward to sharing this sacred weekend with you.

We will be offering local Venison stew and a vegetarian stew option for meals, evening meal Saturday, lunch Sunday if you wish.

To book or for info email



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For more details or to book visit Eva Bay's website or contact Eva Bay by email or phone on 07915 406 520.

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