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Alistair Smith

ALISTAIR SMITH - Sacred Sound & Energy - Day Retreat

DATE : Sunday 15th September 2024

TIME : 10am - 5pm

VENUE : Sand & Sound Centre, Unit 1 (1st Floor), Reddish Business Centre, 123a Gorton Road, Reddish, Stockport, Greater Manchester, SK5 6EE

COST : £90


With sound we can tend to our inner world, aid our physical healing and health, harmonise and develop our energetic system.

Sound is a dynamic form of vibration and is amazing at working with energy, as our energy is also dynamic vibration. Harmonious, balanced and aligned energy exists in a state of ‘flowing wholeness’ (ref. Lucy Crisfield) - this is the perfect state of health and vitality. Experiences on our life journey inevitably cause this flow to become unbalanced, restricted and dissonant which results in dis-ease, disfunction and ultimately illness. Practices and properties of Sound and Sound Healing can serve to unbind, release and restore this healthy flowing wholeness. 

Beyond this, it can also be a powerful tool for growth, through ‘developing’ and ‘enhancing’ our energy system.


In this workshop we will take a deeper dive into aspects of sound and healing, some of which you may not have thought of in these ways before. Every aspect will be hands on and experiential, allowing you to get a feel for how it all works for you. This workshop is for anyone wishing to go deeper into the world of sound healing, and is great for practitioners of any healing modality, wishing to enhance their practice.

Plan for the day:


  • From the Ground Up - Earth Connection and Grounding - Safety, vital energy and belonging - Deepening a relationship - Resonant humming with the Mother


  • The Power of Intention Deep Dive - Definitions - The physical and energetic anatomy of intention - nurturing and developing it - practices

  • Sound and Energy Evolution - How we can use sound to heal and evolve



  • Sacred Sound Geometry - sound’s inherent internal geometry - spatial geometry - taking it out of our minds and into our ears and bodies - practical ways to use it to enhance your practice

  • Sacred Sound Ceremony - toning and tuning the energy system with sound geometry


  • New Mudras for personal energy work

  • The magic and majesty of the Heart

  • Sacred Heart Activation, leading into…

  • Sacred Sound Journey

  • Drawing it all together - Personal practice - advice and tips

What to bring

Please bring your own lunch. Bring a notebook, a pen and a pencil. If you have a favourite tuning for or singing bowl, please bring this also. Don’t worry of you don’t, there will be plenty there. Please also bring a yoga or camping mat, pillow, blanket and anything you need to be comfortable and warm for the sound bath. 

TO BOOK  : Please use the contact details shown below.

For more details or to book visit Alistair's website or contact Alistair by email or phone on 07805408576.

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