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Rob & June Dickerson

ROB & JUNE DICKERSON - Module One : Bowl Practitioner Training

DATE : Saturday 7th September 2024 - Sunday 8th September 2024

TIME : 10.00am - 17.00pm

VENUE : Steppingley Village Hall, Steppingley Village Road, Steppingley, Bedfordshire, MK45 5AT

COST : £240.00 per weekend


Sound Healer Training The Core Curriculum comprises Three weekend workshops taken over one year. The Three parts of the course should be taken in order. Students will also need to complete one additional Sound Healing Workshops during the time that they are training. Attending the College of Sound Healing Conference counts as one workshop. The cost for each of the above weekends is £220. To book your place please send a £110 deposit and the balance payment of £110 is due 2 weeks before training commences.  BAC Payment details on your booking form.

TO BOOK  : Please use the contact details shown below.

For more details or to book visit Rob & June's website or contact Rob & June by email or phone on 01525 753866.

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Module One : Bowl Practitioner Training - Steppingley, Bedfordshire

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