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Susan Lark

SUSAN LARK - Module One : Bowl Practitioner Training

DATE : Saturday 15th June 2024 - Sunday 16th June 2024

TIME : 10:00 - 16:30

VENUE : Farringdon Village Hall, Upham Lane, Farringdon, Devon, EX5 2HY

COST : £240.00


The Crystal Bowl and Himalayan Bowl Practitioner Training is taken over three weekends with approximately three months between each weekend. Completion of the training will give the participants the knowledge and tools required to become a Crystal Bowl and Himalayan Bowl Practitioner.

In Module One we will be looking at Sound Healing in general, and then start to learn and work with crystal bowls, the energy system and crystal bowls, cleansing, programming and working one-to-one as a therapy.

Module Two covers working with Himalayan Bowls one-to-one, we look at the different types, how they are made, playing techniques and advanced techniques and layouts. There will be plenty of practice time on this course with your fellow students.

In Module Three we will be looking at working with Groups and Sound Healing. Choosing a location, cost of venues and booking, cleansing and protecting the healing space, public awareness during sound bath, insurance. Different techniques working with various sounds, instruments and voice during a sound bath. Advertising the event plus lots more.

In order to be awarded a Practitioner Certificate a total of 18 case studies will need to be completed and there will be an assessment on giving a group sound bath which is covered on Part Three. 

As well as completing the core curriculum, students will need to complete one additional Sound Healing Workshop. Details of these workshops can be found on the Sound Healing Workshops page.

The Training Course takes place at a charming venue just outside Exeter in Devon.   It is based upon hands-on experiential training and students get support from a highly experienced Tutor.

TO BOOK  : Please use the contact details shown below.

For more details or to book visit Susan's website or contact Susan by email or phone on 07713 140555.

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