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Anita Das

ANITA DAS - Shamanic Healing Practitioner Training

DATE : Saturday 20th May 2023 - Sunday 21st May 2023 : This is a course comprised of two weekends. Weekend one which will take place on 20-21st May. Weekend two which will take place on 16-17th September.

TIME : 9am to 4pm

VENUE : Essence , 11, Woodmansterne St, Banstead, Surrey, SM7 3NW

COST : £350 per weekend, or £700 for both


This is a course comprised of two weekends.  Weekend one which will take place on 20-21st May.  Weekend two which will take place on 16-17th September.

Both weekends and 12 case studies will need to be completed for Shamanic Healing Practitioner Certification.

This course is based on a traditional Lakota Grandfather Wallace Black Elk North Native American form of healing and lineage working with power animals and helping spirits, drumming, rattling, offering prayers and sacred chants.  

You will learn various healing techniques including shamanic power animal retrieval and soul retrieval on part 1 and soul energy release; intrusion removal or extraction and rattle healing on part 2. 

Shamanic Soul Retrieval enables people suffering from soul loss, which is an energetic fragmentation of the self, due to trauma, back to wholeness, through returning these lost soul fragments. Soul loss can be described as a self-mechanism to shield and protect you from the pain of trauma.

Within Shamanic practice, losing soul fragments essentially means losing your life force energy which is extremely disempowering. If the soul is not restored, the body can become so imbalanced that it causes mental, emotional, or physical disease.

During a Shamanic healing, we are either removing energy within our client that does not belong to them or we are returning energy that is outside our client that belongs within them such as their lost soul parts.

In our modern-day world, we are experiencing an epidemic of soul loss on a collective level. This may well be the cause of many of the issues that are detrimentally affecting our society today. Examples of such widespread issues include crime, disease, abusive relationships, addiction and mental health issues.

We feel more like ourselves when we are complete and whole in the present. Soul retrieval is one of the most effective Shamanic Healing methods. If you lose a soul part, it’s like a whole part of you is lost, as your split off soul part is like a holographic piece of you. 

When soul loss occurs, it may cause openings and gaps in your auric field. By returning your client’s soul part, you are essentially helping to restore their auric field and repair any tears that the soul loss caused.

The Shamanic Healing Practitioner Training Course is a follow on course for people who have already completed one of the College of Sound Healing Practitioner Courses or have completed other healing courses and are already practising other healing modalities. 


To book please Contact Anita Das


For more details or to book visit Anita's website or contact Anita by email or phone on 07501136692.

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