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Sound Healing Practitioner Training Curriculum


The Core Curriculum comprises five weekend workshops taken over a year and a half. The five parts of the course should be taken in order. Students will also need to complete two additional Sound Healing Workshops during the time that they are training. Attending the College of Sound Healing Conference counts as two workshops.

Using a tuning fork to give sound healing

Please see the Training Dates page for forthcoming workshop dates and venues.

Watch a video about the Sound Healing Practitioner Course.

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Read the first chapter of the Course Book - 'Sound Healing Practice'

Watch a video demonstrating Sound Healing by Simon Heather on the College YouTube Channel

Dr Shelley Snow of Concordia University has done Scientific Research into the sound healing method taught on this course.


The College's Sound Healing Practitioner Training Course -
  • Is available throughout the UK
  • Has been running since 1998
  • Is a professional training with course book included
  • Can be taken over a longer period than 18 months
  • Is based on hands on experiential training
  • All homework is practically based
  • Students get support from highly experienced tutors


Linda - "It's one of the best courses I've ever been on."

Anne - "I just want to say that doing the practitioner's course is literally changing my life and opening my heart in ways I could not imagine."

Alexandra - "A wonderful experience covering all the necessary tools a person needs to become a sound healing practitioner. The emphasis is on the practical side which for me was so important as to be a practitioner one is needs to learn how to 'practise'. It was a year of enlightenment!"

Alan - "The course enabled me to develop a new sense of purpose and confidence in establishing myself as a sound healer which has expanded in a remarkable way."

Yvonne - "The Sound Healing Practitioner Course was a very powerful experience. This course was exactly what I needed. The combination of the sound and the spiritual support around the course meant that every weekend was a joy. I had done a number of modules with BAST, but although the left brained approach gave me some useful tools, this was not the right place for me to qualify. The College gave me the 'complete package' - thank you!"




1. An Introduction to Sound Healing with the Voice


2. The Theory and Practice of Sound Healing


3. Music as Medicine


4. Sound Healing through the Chakras


5. Graduation Weekend

Students practising sound healing on each other



It is helpful if participants have had some experience of healing or voice work before attending the course.


Students should complete the five weekends of the Sound Healing Practitioner Training with one tutor. If there are good reasons why they can't do this, they can attend one part of the course with another tutor.


There will be a practical evaluation in which the participants will have to give a supervised sound healing treatment to another student. Thirty-six practice treatments will need to be carried out and written up to complete the course. It is possible to do up to three treatments on one person.

Two pieces of written work of approximately 600 words each will need to be completed by students after each part of the course. Students will also need to complete a 3,000 word essay.

The 3,000 word essay will be marked by an external assessor. There will be a charge of £25 for this.


As well as completing the core curriculum students will need to complete one or two additional Sound Healing Workshops. These workshops can be taken before or during attending the core curriculum.

Students can choose from one of these options:
      · Two one day workshops (minimum 6 hours per day)
      · One weekend workshop (minimum 12 hours)
      · The College Sound Healing Conference

Students need to do their additional Sound Healing Workshops with College Tutors or attend the College Conference. Any day or weekend workshop shown on the College web site counts as an additional Sound Healing Workshop. For details of the various Sound Healing Workshops, see below.

Exceptions are made for students coming to do the Practitioner Training from Overseas. They can attend equivalent workshops in their own country.


To receive their Sound Healing Practitioner's certificate students will need to -
      · Attend all five parts of the Sound Healing Practitioner Course
      · Complete the 36 practise treatments
      · Complete the written work and extended essay
      · Attend the additional Sound Healing Workshops
      · Become a Student Member of the College of Sound Healing

The College of Sound Healing is a Member of the Complementary Medical Association (CMA) and the Therapeutic Sound Association (TSA). All the College's Practitioner Training Courses are evaluated and approved by the CMA and the TSA.


Once you have completed the Practitioner Training you can become a Member of the College of Sound Healing (MCSH) and the Therapeutic Sound Association (TSA). The cost of College Membership is £40 per annum.


Students are expected to have a knowledge of anatomy and physiology and hold a current first aid certificate.


Once they have qualified, College Members are expected to choose activities to fulfil a minimum of 20 hours Continuing Professional Development per year.


Simon Heather has written two books to accompany the sound healing training (see Books and CDs page for more information).
• 'The Healing Power of Sound - How to Enrich Your Life With Sound and Music'
• 'Sound Healing Practice'


£185 per weekend workshop, £225 in London and €225 in Ireland. This cost includes the course book 'Sound Healing Practice'.

The total cost of the course is £925 for the five weekends of the basic training (£1125 in London). The cost of the additional Sound Healing Workshops will vary depending on which workshops are taken. Any payments made for the course are non refundable.

Students will need to become Student Members of the College and have insurance cover while they are training. Student Membership costs £30 for two years. This will allow you sufficient time to complete the course. Insurance for Student Members is £35.00 per annum.

Students will need to purchase a set of 'Biosonic Body Tuner C&G Tuning Forks' (£49 plus £3.50 postage).

Students will also need to purchase two CDs - 'College Course CD' ( available from Simon Heather's website £10 plus postage) and 'Seven Healing Drones CD' (£10) (available from the College website £10 plus postage). These CDs can also be bought from your Course Tutor.


Most workshops will begin with some gentle Qi Gong or Yoga exercises. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a blanket and a pillow with you.


The College has a Block Insurance Scheme. The premiums are £35.00 for Student Members and £51.60 for Graduates in the UK. Students need to have insurance cover while they are undergoing the Practitioner Training. Practitioners who already have insurance cover may be able to add sound healing to their existing policy at no extra charge.


Students who wish to do the Sound Healing Practitioner Training Course for themselves and not do not wish to do the homework and case studies do not need to have insurance cover and a first aid certificate.

At Part One, the Course Tutor will assess if students are ready to progress to Part Two of the course.




These workshops can be taken before or during the Core Curriculum.


Gong Master Training 2009
Crystal Bowl Workshop

1. Shamanic Sound Healing


2. Sound Healing with Crystals


3. Sacred Drumming


4. Chant / Mantra Workshop


5. Sound Healing With Himalayan Bowls


6. Overtoning and Harmonics


7. Sound Healing with Gongs


8. Sound Healing and Nature


9. Naad Yoga - The Yoga of Sound


10. Sound Healing with Tuning Forks


11. Soundwork in Schools


12. Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls


13. Sound Art


14. Let Your Soul Sing!


15. Angels and Sound Workshops


16. Harmonium


17. Raag Singing


18. Intuitive Sound Healing


19. Soundscape


20. Digeridoo Healing


21. Song Meditation


22. Sound and Colour


For more information on these workshops please go to the Methods of Sound Healing page.


Please see the Workshop Dates page for forthcoming workshop dates and venues.


For details of all College Workshops please visit our Workshops Diary.