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The Mozart Effect and Epilepsy - Epilepsy Action website

Sound therapy hits right note for those battling dementia at Worcester care home - Worcester News, 12th May 2016

Sound Help for Alzheimers - 22nd April 2016 by Charles Moore

Sound Help for Fibromyalgia - The effect of low-frequency sound stimulation on patients with fibromyalgia: A clinical study

Music 'reduces pain and anxiety' for surgery patients - By Jane Dreaper, Health correspondent, BBC News - 13th August 2015

Emotional responses to Hindustani raga music: the role of musical structure - Frontiers in Psychology - 30th April 2015

New Alzheimer's treatment fully restores memory function - - 18th March 2015

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Living close to wind farms could cause hearing damage - Daily Telegraph, 1st October 2014

Sound Energy Technology Could Replace Cell Phone Battery - Energy Fanatics, 22nd September 2014

How music training primes nervous system and boosts learning - Northwestern University

Using Sound Therapy To Ease Agitation Amongst Persons With Dementia -

Lung Power - patients with COPD sing their way to better health - Worcester News, 23rd April 2014

Stonehenge 'was a prehistoric centre for rock music': Stones sound like bells, drums, and gongs when played - Mail OnLine - March 6th 2014

Road traffic noise and stroke: a prospective cohort study - European Heart Journal

The Ten Noises We Hate The Most - Medical News Today

Nine Insights Into Sound Healing - Jonathan Goldman

Can singing a lullaby ease a child's pain? - By James Gallagher, Health and science reporter, BBC News, 29th October 2013.

Ultrasound Brain Surgery - Trust me I'm a doctor - BBC2

The health benefits of singing

Choir singers 'synchronise their heartbeats - BBC Science reporter - 9th July 2013

Researchers find 'talking' plants grow best when next to friendly neighbours - Mail Online - 14th May 2013

Singing for the Brain - Alzheimer's Society

British scientists reveal plants really do talk - Mail Online - 25th February 2013

Sound healing brings peace to hospital patients - Positive News - 7th January 2013

Overtone Singing - A Western Therapeutic Perspective - Michêle & Nestor Averard-Kornblum

How Does Sound Heal the Human Body! - Christine Cleobury

Composite effects of group drumming music therapy on modulation of neuroendocrine-immune parameters in normal subjects - Barry B. Bittman, MD et al, Alternative Therapies, January 2001

Drum Therapy - Therapeutic Effects of Drumming -

Music's miraculous effect on the lives of patients - Barbara Lantin - The Times July 10th 2012

Earliest music instruments found - BBC News, 25th May 2012

Amazing Phenomenon Of Singing Plants - Damanhur, Northern Italy

Sound waves used to tackle prostate cancer - ITV News Website - 17th April 2012

Sound wave treatment zaps prostate tumours without debilitating side effects in 9 out of 10 sufferers - The Mail Online - 17th April 2012

How listening to Sinatra sing can help you heal faster - The Mail Online - 28th March 2012

The best medicine: The power of laughter - The Independant website - 14th January 2012

Experts' Articles on Sound Healing - Articles on - January 2012

Archaeoacoustics - Old Temple Study Foundation

How Music Affects the Brain and How You Can Use It to Your Advantage - Lifehacker, 5th December, 2011

How can musicians keep playing despite amnesia? - BBC News Magazine, 21st November, 2011

How music helped Gabrielle Giffords heal - Discovery News, 16th November, 2011

Gabby Giffords: Finding words through song - ABC Nightline, 14th November, 2011

Glasgow surgeon using ultrasound to treat fractures - BBC News, 12th October, 2011

Turkish doctors call the tune with traditional musical cures -, Sunday 28th August, 2011

Nitric Oxide and Tuning Forks - John Beaulieu, ND, PhD

The Power of Om - BBC Radio 4, 17th July, 2011

Tibetan singing bowls give up their chaotic secrets - BBC News, 1st July, 2011

Student makes electronic music using head and thumbs - BBC Health, 23rd March, 2011

Ice Music by Terje Isungset - Daily Telegraph, 11th January, 2011

Favourite music evokes same feelings as good food or drugs - Guardian Science, 9th January, 2011

Listening to Mozart could help premature babies gain weight - Daily Mail, 8th January, 2011

Julian Treasure: Shh! Sound health in 8 steps - TEDGlobal 2010

Stroke patients regain the power of speech through singing - The Guardian, 23rd February 2010

Music Brings Girl Back From Coma - Qatar Living, 1st August, 2010

Singing 'rewires' damaged brain - By Victoria Gill, Science reporter, BBC News, San Diego, 21st February 2010

The choral cure - The Independent - Tessa Thomas reports, Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Georgian link brings new note of harmony - Published in TESS on 8 January, 2010

Singing Healer Johanna Sheehan plays bones - Journal Live - 13th July 2009

'Oldest musical instrument' found - BBC News Report - 25th June 2009

Music 'nurtures' premature babies - BBC News Report - 27th May 2009

Music therapy 'restores vision' - BBC News Report, 24th March 2009

Can our natural rhythm heal us? - By Jane Elliott, Health reporter, BBC News, 10th February 2009

Keeping body and soul in tune - Alice Wignall, The Guardian, 26th August 2008

Gregorian chanting 'can reduce blood pressure and stress' - Mail Online, 2nd May 2008

Acoustic Archaeology - Paul Devereux - Presented to Scientic & Medical Network, London Group, 6th March 2008

Why Live Music in Hospitals Hits Right Note - by Eilish O'Regan - Irish Independent - Jan 14th 2008

Orchestral manoeuvres - The Observer, 29th July 2007

Music 'aids the healing process' - Pallab Ghosh, BBC News science correspondent, Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Feeling the Beat: Symposium Explores the Therapeutic Effects of Rhythmic Music - Stanford Report, 31st May 2006

Yoga and Laughter - Sign On san Diego Article, 27th September 2005

The Healing Power of Sound - Simon Heather, Positive Health, May 2001

Learning with Mozart - BBC News, July 1999


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Drumming and Transformation - Zoe Palmer

Hallelujah! Singing is good for your health - Times article - August 30th 2011

Sing and be Well - by Laura Plummer - Published in NVPN Newsletter - June 2010

The Use of Sound Therapy in Palliative Care - by Alan Watts - The Link - Issue 25, 2010

An approach to Sound Therapy suitable for individuals with severe disability and complex care needs, within a Day Care Setting - Adrienne Woods - February 2010

Music as Medicine - from "What the Doctors Don't Tell You" Magazine - June 2009

The Healing Power of Music - Simon Heather - Positive Health - December 2008

How sound of music helps ease babies into ths world - Daily Express - January 2007


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The Rhythm Of Life - from "The Shropshire Review" magazine - December 2009

Need to Re-Energise? Try Using the Power of Sound - Heather Parker - From 'Energies in Action' Magazine Aug/Sept 2009

Why Sound Healing - Sheila Whittaker - July 2009

Sounding Can Really Heal - Gill Becque - Article Published in Body and Soul Magazine - October 2008

Why is Sound or Working with Our Voices so Important? - Ange Leake - Transformational Breath Foundation Newsletter October 2008

Tuning into the Healing Power of Sweet Music - Lucy McDonald - From The Daily Express, Wednesday April 2nd 2008

Music Helps Stroke Victims to Make Quicker Recovery - The Times, 20th February 2008

Healing Hands - The Benefits of Sound Therapy - from Psychologies Magazine, November 2007

Clinical Research Study into Harp Therapy for Breast Cancer Patients - Amy Camie - Written for the International Harp Therapy Journal, Fall 2007 Issue

Why take Prozac when you can sing Prokofiev? - from The Times newspaper, 18th January 2007

Music is the Best Medicine - from the Sun newspaper, 2nd November, 2006

Harp Music 'Eases Pain in Surgery' - from the Sunday Telegraph newspaper, 1st January 2006

What's the Buzz? Sound Therapy - from the New York Times newspaper, 24th November 2005


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